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Our Investment Mandate

We provide long-term capital to investment opportunities that offer both access to offtake as well as attractive returns on investment.


The key pillars of our
investment strategy:

1. Partnership

We take minority positions in companies and assets, providing long-term capital for long term partnerships with world class operators.

2. Structure

We make equity investments to participate in the expected growth of an opportunity.

3. Offtake

Securing offtake is critical to our investments, which feed into global markets.

4. Commodities

We are currently focused on copper, lithium, nickel and iron ore.

5. International

Our investment mandate is global, and we see opportunities in Africa and Asia, connecting with value chains in the Middle East.

6. Life cycle

We invest across the life cycle of an asset, while ensuring a balanced portfolio.

7. Enabling industry

Together with our partners, we seek to support mid-stream industrial development in the Kingdom and provide access to regional growth markets.

8. ESG

We keep the principles of ESG at the forefront of our investments.

Backed by Ma’aden, a global leading mining company, and PIF, one of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds.
We have access to the resources that will accelerate the development of world class mining assets.